Les Amies de Zan/Zan's friends

L'Île-Bizard, H9C2C9

I offer a peaceful home away from home atmosphere...Il y'a beaucoup d'amour et securite. Les repas sont sante et toujours delicieux. We have alot of outside play, in the summer months: I have developed a program in soical skills That will prepare the children for a school setting: we do this in various activities such as gardening and baking, simple chores, crafts and reading circle...Ont a un temps de music avec les enfants..pendant cette temps les enfants apprant a ecouter et travailler avec les aimes en equipe. Si vous voulais un environment qui est sans soucis et acceuillant..You won't be disappointed ! With 18 years experience I can offer you a safe, loving, bi-lingual environment...I have alot of excellant references... My philosophy is that if we ( the parent and daycare) work together we can form a strong and secure foundation for the years to come...Please call me :)